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Operational Fees

The National Telematics Framework supports applications with different levels of assurance.

The costs of providing assurance through the Framework are met by providers through Operational Fees.  

Operational Fees are calculated by TCA on a monthly basis according to:

  • The number of vehicles monitored through one or more applications of the National Telematics Framework by each provider
  • The level of assurance provided by TCA for each application.

Only one assurance charge will apply (that being the application with the highest level of assurance) if a vehicle is enrolled in more than one application of the National Telematics Framework.

Monthly, per vehicle charges for each level of assurance (excl GST)

Level of Assurance Applications Operational Fee Operational Fee (where providers adopt TDE4)
Level 1 Road Infrastructure Management (RIM)1 $11 $10
Level 2 Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA)2 $21 $20
Level 3 Intelligent Access Program (IAP) Intelligent Speed Compliance (ISC) Certified Telematics Service (CTS) $433 $41


  1. Excludes the trial phase of the SPECTS scheme in NSW.
  2. Excludes the initial 12-month trial of the HDM application with Main Roads WA (the trial commences from the date of the first vehicle being monitored through the HDM application)
  3. Operational Fees for Level of Assurance 3 have increased from $41 to $43 (excl GST) per vehicle, per month, from 1 January 2020. There’s no increase for providers who adopt the Telematics Data Exchange.
  4. The Telematics Data Exchange (TDE) is the standardised method for the collection and transmission of data from applications administered within the National Telematics FrameworkClick here for further information about TDE.