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Performance-Based Standards (PBS) Vehicle Monitoring Scheme

The Performance-Based Standards (PBS) Vehicle Monitoring Scheme is a scheme of the Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA) of the National Telematics Framework. TMA is a Level 2 Assurance application.

The scheme is administered by the Department of State Growth (DSG), Tasmania, to:

  • permit access of PBS Level 2 vehicle combinations exceeding 26 m in length (e.g. 30-metre A-Doubles, 30-metre B-Doubles) or 68.5-tonne gross mass to the Tasmanian road network
  • monitor the operation of certain PBS Level 2 vehicle combinations on an approved road network, including speed at no greater than 90 km/h
  • monitor whether the vehicles which exceed 68.5 tonne gross mass cross certain bridges at nominated weights.

To participate in the scheme, transport operators must conform with the requirements specified within the instrument of access approval (e.g. a Notice or permit). Enrolment in TMA is one of those requirements.

Find out more details on the scheme by downloading a copy of the PBS Vehicle Monitoring Scheme document.

To offer services for this scheme, an application service provider must be certified by TCA to offer TMA services. TCA must also approve telematics devices used in the scheme. If mass will be monitored using an on-board mass (OBM) system, TCA must approve this device to Category B or C.

TCA will analyse data received through the TMA application, and reports will be made available via the Telematics Analytics Platform (TAP).

For more information on the scheme, please contact Janelle Shotton, Business Integration Manager, TCA. Phone (03) 8601 4600 or contact us.