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Annual Report 2018–2019

Our annual report provides a detailed review of our strategic focus as well as projects completed and progressed during the year.

At a glance, the following are our key successes and headlines for 2018-19:

  • The number of vehicles enrolled in TCA-certified applications was at 5,608
  • 15 new type-approved devices during 2018-19, including eight telematics in-vehicle units (IVUs)
  • Nearly 54,000 heavy vehicles are now fitted with a TCA-recognised telematics IVU nationally
  • TCA developed functional and technical specifications to support new telematics applications at varying levels of assurance
  • Advisory and reporting services continue to be in demand, with stakeholders who need to make evidence-based decisions looking for new insights from telematics data
  • TCA implemented enhancements to the Telematics Analytics Platform (TAP) to support new applications and features, and to meet the growing demand for access to aggregated information by government agencies.

Table of Contents

Message from the ChairpersonThe year 2018-19 was one of great change for TCA. It is a testament to the staff and others involved that TCA continued to deliver its program successfully during this period… Shane Gregory, Chairperson
Message from the Executive General ManagerSince commencing as the Executive General Manager of TCA in early May 2019, I have been impressed by the high level of knowledge and capabilities of the TCA staff, and the way their work directly contributes to positive outcomes from road transport… Stuart Ballingall, Executive General Manager
About TCATransport Certification Australia (TCA) is a national organisation that provides assurance services relating to transport technologies and data to enable improved public purpose outcomes from road transport…
Key Metrics and StatisticsCurrently available applications enabled by the National Telematics Framework…
AchievementsNational Telematics Framework: Summary of achievements in applications and features of the NTF. National and International Leadership: Telematics Industry Group, participation in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) working groups and partnership with Sweden. Submissions: TCA submission to the National Transport Commission. Data Insights: Cloud migration and new data analysis tools, interactive reporting with the Telematics Analytics Platform, data analysis and reporting, performance-based standards freight task analysis (joint report with ARTSA) and the Telematics Data Exchange.
Presentations in 2018-19Our participation in national and international conversation and engagement on transport technology.
TCA Staff as at 30 June 2019At TCA, our people are integral to our success. Our commitment to providing a culture of performance, development, safety and fairness during the year enable our people to operate at their best and our organisation to deliver on our strategic objectives…
Consultants and CommitteesThe consultants we engaged with and committees we were involved in…
GovernanceOur Board and company secretary…
Special purpose financial reportDirectors’ report, auditors’ independence declaration, statements, etc…
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